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Minecraft is a completely open-ended sandbox game for which I host a multiplayer server. While my server operate with a whitelist, the only purpose is to to cut back on disrespectful players that being a public server seemed to bring. If you would like to be on the whitelist, you can request addition by reaching out to me with your username and a quick description of why you’d like to play with us.

My server runs vanilla Minecraft, and I don’t have any intentions on switching over to third-party servers anytime soon. An API should be coming our way from the Mojang team, so I can’t justify the downtime while waiting for Bukkit, Tekkit, or any other third party server to update. In the meantime, I can place command blocks which should fulfill some needs.

I run the server’s renders using Minecraft Overviewer with both day and night views. The renders are run every six hours (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00).

The seed of the server is 590540951632684721. This can be used to find slime chunks if you need to.

Server Rules

Just for formalities, it wouldn’t hurt to quickly discuss the server rules and banning policy. First and foremost, the server administrator has the final say on all matters. You should be fine as long as you don’t grief other players houses, you maintain a positive attitude while on the server and you don’t try to do anything that could jeopardize playtime for anyone else. Just be nice.

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